Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Welcome to Chez Mama!

Welcome to my blog! I've been thinking about starting a food-blog for about a month now. Today was the day that I decided to give it a go. I recently decided to stop eating at restaurants and getting take-out. I wanted to start eating healthier foods, and I wanted to make them at home. I want to know exactly what I'm eating. I've gone from eating at least 4 meals/week out to eating ALL meals at home. It's been about 4 months now, with a few exceptions when traveling.

It has been challenging to come up with new meal ideas. I've bought some new cookbooks, and am always searching the web for new recipes. My family and I don't eat any land-animals, but we do eat fish occasionally. I like to use mostly organic products, and buy locally when possible. (It gets hard to do right around this time of year. The CSA has ended, and the Farmer's Market goes on hiatus in a couple of weeks). I am fortunate to have a great natural foods co-op here in town. Year-round, I can at least go there for local, organic eggs and tofu as well as many other staples of our diet. (I know lots of people are thinking, "Wow! What an exciting diet this chick must eat!"). That's one reason I'm here to blog. Since our family started eating at home more often, we're enjoying food more than ever! (I do occasionally eat processed convenience foods, though. Hey, I'm a full-time wife and mom! Give me a break!).

I am a mama to two young children, ages 5.5 and 3. They can be picky, so they definitely aren't down with trying every single thing I make. They eat more processed food than I prefer, but I try to make sure they at least get plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables. Fortunately, my husband likes to experiment with new foods, and he's not a picky eater. He fully appreciates most of the food I make. So, with his urging, I'm starting my blog!


SleekPelt said...

This blog is probably going to mean even better food in my life. Word.

Raoul Duke said...

hey DM. nIce, your own blog. Be sure to post a couple of recipes that are "Dru" friendly so C can take advantage of. I am really trying to broaden my tastes, i swear ;)

mattucks said...

I'm excited about this! I used to cook so much when I was in college but have slacked off considerably. I think this will inspire me as well. Here's a link you might to check out. These cook books are must haves and have stuff for children too. http://govegan.net/splash.html

Zee said...

wow. Thats so ambitous to even attemot, let alone be able to keep it up and blog about it!

I have been meaning to try to "eat healthier" for about 6 years now, but (as you know) its way harder than it sounds! I'm lookin' forward to your exploits and I'm sure I'll be inspired by them!

Valyna said...

Helskel and I had a garden this year - our first attempt - and it has been quite a success, but we'll do even better next year. I've been trying to get on a health kick for a while and it's difficult because pizza and Taco Bell are close family friends :-/ BUT, I've been cooking at home more these days and have cut out fast food for a lunch option in the last couple weeks so I'm making progress. However, with the Denver weather changing it's going to be difficult... I can't just walk outside and pull something off a plant and scarf it down any longer ;)

I'm so glad to see you've got your own blog now :) If I come across any decent recipes I'll shoot them your way.

Bad Billy said...

I hope I get invited to dinner! Nice blog, Sarah!

olives and more said...

Super! I'm gonna try the not eating out thing...Gosh, but does eating at work count??? I'm sure, because a lot of things aren't healthy. But i've started cooking at home again. Just made some melizanosalata (eggplant dip), consisting of eggplant, tons of fresh garlic, olive oil, vinegar, and salt. I actually reek, but it's so good. Trying to keep a hold of my roots..Anyways, I will really enjoy this..

The Dalai Mama said...

rd: I don't think I have any "Dru friendly" recipes. Sorry, dude. No, I could probably whip you up some spaghetti or something.

I'm so glad people are posting here! I didn't think anyone would even be reading it, let alone posting! Yay! Please, please, please hit me with any recipes and/or websites that you think I may enjoy.

badbilly: Come for dinner anytime. I've got a Ghost Hunters recorded that I want you to see anyway.

olives: I bet you smell good enough to eat! ;) For you, eating at work does not count as eating out unless you're just constantly eating pizza and baklava.