Thursday, October 25, 2007

Enchilada Mama

Sometimes I really crave Mexican food. I mean really. Since I'm trying to avoid restaurant-eating when possible, I decided to try my hand an enchiladas. I've looked at bottled enchilada sauces in the store, and most of them have a two-inch long ingredient list which usually includes chicken stock. Since I don't eat that type of animal (not to mention the other offenders on the ingredient list), bottled sauce isn't an option. So, I dug up this little gem on the web. I was beginning to get everything ready to go ahead with it, when I realized that I'm out of chili powder. The recipe calls for 3 TBS! I really, really didn't want to load up the kids and head to the store. So, I said, "Screw it!" and made my own damn chili powder. I used paprika as the base, then added some cayenne, cumin, garlic powder, onion powder, salt and pepper. It turned out great!

I made up my enchiladas using some fresh spinach, sauteed onions and shredded Monterey Jack. I like to use soft, corn tortillas because I think they have a much nicer flavor than flour tortillas. So, I rolled them up, put them in a baking dish, poured some sauce over top, then sprinkled with a little more Jack. They weren't the most beautiful looking enchiladas I'd ever seen (see pic), but I was sure they'd taste just fine. (And they did.)

To go with the enchiladas, I made up a brown rice/black bean/tomato/corn concoction. I started by chopping an onion and a big clove of garlic. I sauteed those in just a smidge of oil for about 5 minutes. Then I add a can of diced tomatoes, drained. Then a few scoops of cooked brown rice, a couple of scoops of black beans, and a couple of handfuls of frozen corn. I seasoned it with cumin, cayenne, salt and pepper. It actually turned out really, really good!

When I got started in the kitchen, I kicked Coldplay's "X&Y." I swear that album somehow increases my serotonin levels. It is so awesome. Sleek just told me to check out Young Galaxy, which I'm listening to as I write this. They sound very cool.

I'm always down with checking out new music, so if any of the three or so people who read this have any suggestions, I'm totally open to them!

Oh, and sleek is going to show me how to post photos throughout the blog so I can do step-by-step things once in a while.


carrie said...

I crave mexican a matter of fact, while I was in labor with Stella I made Rob take me to get mexican. I was having contractions about every 4 minutes or so and doubling over in the booth, but I had to have mexican.....unfortunately, labor pain makes me yack, and it wasn't nearly as good on the way out!!

I LOVE Coldplay. I'm borderline obsessed with them, and very sad that they haven't made anything new in a while. Have you seen them live? They are great, I've seen them live several times, but by far the best was when Rob flew me to Madison Square Garden to see one night of the Twisted Logic tour, it was un-be-lievable.

The Dalai Mama said...

I haven't seen Coldplay, and they're certainly one of the few bands who I would be willing to see at a large venue. The other two being Radiohead and the Beastie Boys. I'm definitely more into club shows these days.

carrie said...

While listenting to Live Lunch today I heard a great local (to me) band, The Fervor , if you like femal vocals. Check them out.

SleekPelt said...

Hi, Carrie -- I tried The Fervor and really like them. They remind me of the '90s, sort of like the Sundays. Good stuff.

The Dalai Mama said...

Ohhhh. They're really good. Plus, I looked at their "Influences," and they're all pretty much bands/musicians I like too!

Rebecca Burch said...

Oh MAN that looks good!!!!

I am going through a serious Mexican obsession right now. I can't get enough hot peppers... but it has to be the Mexican kind of spicy.