Monday, December 24, 2007

Tweleve Days of Goodies: Part XII

Wow. I actually did it. Well, I cheated a little. The kids really wanted to make Christmas tree sugar cookies. I'd already made the snowflakes, but they really wanted Christmas trees. So, I'd been planning to do it on Friday the 21st. The first day of Christmas break for the kids. I was going to make my twelfth goodie, popcorn balls, on Friday evening. After baking the cookies all afternoon, I was just too damn tired. I decided that the Christmas trees would be my twelfth (doesn't that word look weird?) goodie. So sue me.

They turned out great. The kids love them. (Although when the time came to make them, they mysteriously disappeared. After talking for days how they would help me!) Plus, now I have more cookies to give away.

I gave neighbors and friends plates of goodies. It was fun. I look forward to doing it again next year!


olives and more said...

WOW!! You did it!! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

SleekPelt said...

She did indeed, Olive. So, so good.