Thursday, December 20, 2007

Tweleve Days of Goodies: Part XI

WHEW! One more to go. I can't believe I've made 11 different goodies in the last few weeks. My freezer is busting at the seams. I can't wait to give most of this stuff away! At this point, I really don't feel like eating any of it. Isn't it funny how that happens?

Tonight it was candied pecans. Let me tell ya, these things are goo-ood. Super-easy to make, too. I have a feeling they won't last too long around here. Tomorrow I'm making more sugar cookies with the kids and also my last goodie. It's going to be popcorn balls. Remember those from your childhood?

As for cooking regular meals...Well, that's sort of fallen off the radar for now. I just can't. I'm cooking up an awesome Christmas Eve brunch. Then we'll have a huge Christmas Day dinner at my mom's. I hope to do a special video post on Christmas Eve...

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