Sunday, November 4, 2007

Sunday (Not)Soup

Well folks, today was my first attempt at making risotto. I was inspired by carrie's risotto that she posted about on her blog, Adventures in Vegetarianism. I decided on the sun-tomato and mushroom risotto from VWaV. Sleek hates mushrooms, and doesn't really like sun-dried tomatoes either. It's a good thing he was gone for the day! I felt like I needed a strict recipe since I was a "risotto virgin." It was a little time-consuming, and definitely required constant attention when the time came for adding broth/stirring. My arms were certainly tired when the 1/2 hour of stirring finally ended. I was well-rewarded with a steaming hot dish of risotto, though! Holy crap. It was so good that I just couldn't believe it. OMG. Risotto will definitely become a regular dish around here. I can't wait to experiment with some different flavors. I'm thinking a garlic/parmesan or roasted red pepper/spinach risotto would be good. (Sleek-friendly too!)

One thing that helped me get through all that stirring was listening to Beirut's "Gulag Orkestar". I know I've mentioned that album here before. I really can't stress enough how amazing this album is. Please check it out. You won't be disappointed.


carrie said...

DM - I'm so glad you tried and liked the risotto. Once you know the basics it's such a fun dish to play around with. My gang doesn't like the mushroom varieties much, but they love cheesy and tomato-y versions.

The Dalai Mama said...

I'm the only mushroom-eater in this house. I don't mind eating it all, though. LOL

SleekPelt said...

I must say I'm glad I missed out on this!