Saturday, November 3, 2007

One Year Ago Tonight...

Sleek and I were in NYC seeing this:

I had wanted to see Joseph Arthur for a looooong time. The show we saw was part of the "Nuclear Daydream" tour. It was the first tour that JA did with his band, The Lonely Astronauts. The show was amazing. It was a sold-out show in a Brooklyn club, Southpaw. The band was insane. That recording doesn't even do it justice. I have a copy of the soundboard recording (JA does this for all his shows. You can usually buy a CD copy of the show not long after the show is over.), and it's just awesome. I still listen to it ALL THE TIME.

While there, we stayed with our friend Jeff (Yes, it's been nearly a year since he posted on his blog. A damn shame.) and his girlfriend Liz at Jeff's place in Brooklyn. Jeff lives very close to Grimaldi's Pizzeria. It is consistently rated as best pizza in New York by Zagat's. We walked there for dinner one evening. It did not disappoint! We had to wait in a line outside in the cold for about an hour, but it was so worth it. Actually, there was so much food to try in NYC, that we pretty much ate every couple of hours. We had traditional English pies at a soccer bar, where we went to watch Jeff's favorite team, Newcastle United. (Obviously we consumed some Newcastle's there too.) We had gourmet mac and cheese at a Manhattan eatery called s'mac. All they have is mac and cheese! It was a fantastic weekend, and I can't wait to go back.

Sleek was lucky enough to catch a JA show a few years back right here in a club in Morgantown with 40 or so others. WTF? That was when he didn't have a back-up band. It was just him, his guitar and looping equipment. I hope he does a solo tour again some day.


Valyna said...

Ooooh, I really like this Joseph Arthur guy. Lots :) Totally my flavor.

The Dalai Mama said...

He is awesome. You must see him live if he ever comes your way.