Sunday, January 6, 2008

Dinner Party

Good news. My good friend, Olives, and her girls have moved back to Mo-town after being away for nearly a year. Not only do I have my friend back, but the kids have two of their "very best friends" back too. They were excited to invite them over for dinner on Friday night and finally exchange Christmas gifts. I made dinner simple and kid-friendly with some spaghetti pomodoro, which I have blogged about before. I also sauteed some broccoli, and Olives brought a loaf of bread from the new bakery in town. We had a good time.

Yesterday, we had a birthday party to go to, so for dinner I wanted to do something easy and healthy. So, I made the spinach and chickpea curry from VWaV. It is unbelievably easy, and so good.

Oh, I don't think I posted about my New Year's resolution...Well, besides the usual healthy eating, physical activity regimen that nearly everyone resigns themselves to, I've decided that I'll no longer use plastic grocery bags. I'm going to buy all reusable cloth bags. Plus, Olives got me a nice collapse-able shopping basket too. I can't wait to relieve myself of the "plastic bag burden". Yes, it actually weighs that heavily on my mind when I come home with a zillion plastic bags. Honestly, it's a relief for me to do this. I do reuse, and mostly recycle my plastic bags. That just doesn't seem good enough anymore, though. I envision them escaping from the recycling center and floating all around the globe for thousands of years to come. Not anymore!


carrie said...

Congrats on the new year's resolution. It's been over a year since we've used a plastic bag. I take cloth bags everywhere with me (even to Target), and if I forget them, I refuse bags, load my stuff back in the cart and pile it one by one into the back of my car.

One good place to look for cloth bags is at your local thrift store (Goodwill or what have you. You can often find old canvas bags people got from conferences and what not, and they often sell them for 50 cents or less. I just bring 'em home and run 'em through the wash.

The Dalai Mama said...

Thanks! I can't wait to not have a zillion plastic bags stuck under my sink. Plus, a zillion more in the recycling bin.

olives and more said...

Aren't our kids cute! Thanks again for dinner.

The Dalai Mama said...

They're adorable, of course. Especially the one with "a round face and curly hair". I'm still cracking up over that one!