Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Thai Curry Noodles

Last night I made another of Carrie's recipes. This one was curry noodles. As you may have noticed in my last post, Carrie and I made the same meal. Well, guess what Carrie made last night? Yep. She made a Thai curry. A different one, though. But still. Ca-Razy!

Anyway, I pretty much followed Carrie's recipe, except I added more noodles. I'm one of those "the more noodles the better" type people. I also skipped the cilantro garnish since I'm not a huge fan of that herb. I also added a red pepper since I had one that needed used ASAP. OMG. They were so good. Pretty spicy, but just really, really good. I'll definitely be making them again, but not before I try a green curry!

Yesterday, while cooking, I kicked it old-school with Radiohead's The Bends. Can you believe it's been like 13 years since that album came out? Talk about timeless. I tell ya, seeing them do My Iron Lung live is like an out-of-body experience. Actually, just seeing them live is like an out-of-body experience. Doesn't really matter what they're playing. They're doing a US tour this summer, and I can't wait to see them yet again!

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carrie said...

OMG, the planets must be aligned in such a way as to have us on some weird almost identical cooking wavelenght!!

Aren't the curry noodles yummy?? I'd almost forgotten about them, but now I can't wait to make them again. Yum!!