Monday, April 7, 2008

Potato-Kale Enchiladas, Tamarind Lentils, a Picnic and a Rant

Hey y'all. I've been MIA for the last few days. The power-cord to my computer broke, so I have very limited computer time until the new cord gets here. It's interesting, the things I can get done when I have no computer access. The laundry is done, the house is clean, and I'm left twiddling my thumbs wondering what the hell to do. We've had some good weather, so we've been able to play outside a lot. I got a new mountain bike, so I look forward to riding it often.

Anyway, I've done a good bit of cooking since my last post. Last week, I made the Potato-Kale enchiladas from V-con. I'd heard good things about these, and the didn't disappoint. However, the recipe made LOTS of enchiladas. So many that we had them leftover for dinner the next evening, and lunch for three days! They look a little funky in the photo, and I think my enchiladas turn out that way because I don't like them completely drowned in sauce. They were quite tasty, and for a new side-dish I made some re-fried black beans. I made them the same way I make re-frieds with pinto beans. Sleek says they're better than the pinto ones.

Saturday night, I made tamarind lentils (also from V-con). Wow! They were so good. They will certainly be a staple around here. They also take less than an hour including prep and cooking time. They were perfect over jasmine rice.

Sunday, we spent the day at Chestnut Ridge Park. The kids had been wanting to have a "real" picnic for a long, long time. ( "Real" means using the actual picnic basket, not just eating their meal out in the yard. LOL) So, we headed out to CRP, where we met moneytastesbad, who has posted here on Chez Mama and RTN too. We had met before, but didn't figure out who each other was until last week. He has a sweet little girl, and the kids all enjoyed playing and spending the day outdoors. Anyway, I made some "cold-slaw" (that's what Julian calls it), bought some hummus at the co-op, and a good loaf of bread from the bakery. We had sandwiches with the hummus, roasted red-peppers, cucumbers and red onions. They were quite tasty. Oh, and for the slaw, I just chopped up my cabbage and a little red onion. And peeled some carrots into it. For the dressing, I mixed up some "light" mayo, sugar, apple cider vinegar, water and a touch of cumin. I think I'm going to get some Vegenaise on my next trip to the store. I really just use mayo for dressings and such. Anyone here use Vegenaise? Think I'll like it?

Okay, now it's rant time...So, after a two-year hiatus, Cafe of India re-opened here in Mo-town. It used to be one of our favorite restaurants. We had decided we would go there for dinner this evening. Sleek and the kids got there at 5:30, and I joined them ten minutes later. The restaurant was crowded, but not every table was taken. We sat there...and sat there...and sat there some more. No acknowledgement, no drink order taken. Sleek went to the register at one point and asked if maybe we should just order some take-out since it was taking so long. The waiter said he'd be right over to take our order. He walked past us at least three times in the next 15 minutes. After sitting there for an hour with two young children (who behaved exceptionally) we got up and left. I mean, I get that they just opened the restaurant, but they operated the former Cafe of India for many years. I never had poor service there. I mean, when they seated us, they could've explained that it may be a while before someone could wait on us. They could've brought out some naan for the kids at least! Hell, they could've frisbee-thrown it out from the kitchen. I would've caught it! I promise! We finally decided to leave when Annelies started crying from hunger pains! So, at this point, I'm thinking I'll never set foot in that place again.


Crusselldrums said...

Bummer!!! Jaimie mentioned heading over for dinner tonight last minute... but I knew it would be a zoo. It is hard to believe that the "service" was so bad. It had always been exceptional in the past. I hope it was just a fluke, and that they will be ready for business next week when we eat there.

moneytastesbad said...

Cross Posted at RTN:

Dude, that sucks! They opened today and 11 AM and we were in the parking lot at 10:55. There were 3 tables sat before us. Everything was great at that point. Our food was excellent and the service, while not exceptional, was acceptable.

But it continued to fill up while we were there. When we left, about an hour later, there were only 2 tables open. g2thelow and his mother came in as we were leaving, and the staff was a little slow getting them seated. It seemed to be getting pretty hectic at this point.

I think they underestimated the crowd they were going to get. Plus I think they should have taken reservations for today.

On another note, thanks for inviting Miss T and I to tag along yesterday, we had a great time.

keeta said...

That sucks! I hate having disappointing restaurant experiences. I've been known to cry myself.

I have to make those tamarind lentils again, they are so good!

carrie said...

I use either Vegenaise or Nasoya.....personally I like Nasoya better than Vegenaise, but I buy whatever I can get. One store I shop at only carries Vegenaise, the other carries both, so it depends. You'll like it I think, I've never had any issues.

I really need to get V-con!!

rebecca said...

That stinks! If you ever make it to Charleston, check out Sitar of India. YUM! If they were any closer I would go there for lunch all the time. Actually, I could probably call ahead and pick it up. Hmmmm... Anyway, I've always gotten excellent service there.

Where do you get tamarind? There must be some really cool places to shop in Morgantown!

moneytastesbad said...
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moneytastesbad said...

The new Cafe' of India is owned by the children of the owner of the old Cafe' of India and the children of the owner of Sitar of India.

We found out about the new place while in Charleston back in January. We were talking to one of the staff of Sitar about the lack of Indian food in Morgantown when he told us they were opening the new place.

I suggest waiting a week or so then giving it another try.

Oh, and DM, If you need a computer cord, let me know what you need. I have boxes of cables laying around!

The Dalai Mama said...

Thanks for the sympathy, guys! I think I'm starting to get over it, and may order some takeout from there in the next couple weeks. I don't know if we can go back because Annelies was so mad she kid-cursed the place as we were leaving. I don't think she'll go for it again.

keeta: I damn near felt like crying last night when we got home!

becky: We're coming to Charleston for the Vandalia Gathering on Memorial Day weekend. We should meet up.

$: I remember g2thelow saying the new restaurant would be opened by the family who owned the former CoI and SoI in Charleston. I've got my fingers crossed that the computer cord will come tomorrow!