Friday, April 11, 2008

Olive Oyl Pasta and Thai Coconut Corn Stew

Last week, I made the Popeye Pasta from ED&BV. I figured it was only fair to give the Olive Oyl Pasta a shot this week. I love olives, so I knew I'd love this dish. It was so easy! The sauce was made with shallots, lots of garlic (8-10 cloves!), olive oil, oregano, basil and a can of diced tomatoes. To that, just add your cooked pasta and the chopped olives. I opted for Kalamata olives and a green olive. (Can't remember the name of the green olive, but it was a Greek olive as well.) It was so good. Anything this easy is bound to become a regular around here.

Tonight I made the Thai Coconut Corn Stew, also from ED&BV. It required me to make my first trip to the local Asian market. I had to get some lemongrass and Thai basil. It was a really neat place. A bit overwhelming too, since I couldn't read any of the packaging. They had so many items! It was great, and I look forward to doing more shopping there. I didn't even try to pretend I knew what I was doing in there. I went straight to the counter and asked for help! I didn't even know what lemongrass looked like! The stew was amazing. Just amazing. Made with garlic, ginger, celery, onion, coconut milk, veggie broth, lemongrass, red pepper and corn. With lime zest, lime juice and Thai basil added at the end. Just amazing. It would be perfect for a Thai-themed dinner party.

Sleek and I decided that tomorrow we're going to order take-out from Cafe of India. I think my anger has abated. Whew!

Oh, you may notice I did two posts in a row here. I explained that in the post below!


moneytastesbad said...

Where is the Asian Market in town? Is it the place across from Mountain Peoples?

They sell Lemongrass at Kroger

carrie said...

The Thai coconut corn stew is one I have marked to try in ED&BV. I'm going to have to get on that one soon before the weather turns too hot.

SleekPelt said...

Carrie: I'm usually like soup in colder weather too, but I actually think this one would make a nice warm-weather soup. It's pretty light and the fragrance is more spring than winter to me. So, so good.

carrie said...

I just told Rob about this soup, and we'll be trying it very, very soon.

The Dalai Mama said...

$: Yep. It's across from the co-op. Dang. I couldn't find lemongrass at the new Kroger.

Carrie: Sleek is totally right. This soup works for warm weather. Very spring-like, really. You'll love it.