Friday, February 29, 2008

Pakistani Dahl

I've recently began browsing vegweb for some new recipe ideas. I found this one for Pakistani Dahl in the massive list of favorite recipes. It was very easy, and I even already had all the ingredients. So, I made it for dinner last night. It was really, really good. When I first tasted it, it seemed to be missing a little something. I added another pinch of chili powder, and a tiny pinch of garam masala. That did the trick! I also used 2 cups of no-chicken broth and one cup of water for cooking the lentils. Sleek thinks this one should become a regular. It's so easy and good, that I must agree with him. I'm really liking the vegweb site right now, so you'll be seeing more recipes from there.

Wednesday night, I decided to make some french toast. It's something I just don't make very often. I bought a loaf of french bread to use since my attempts at french toast with sliced sandwich bread were disastrous. It turned out really good using the french bread. I wanted something other than maple syrup to top mine with. I had some dried cherries, so I was thinking of some type of cherry sauce. I pretty much just went for it, and put the cherries in a pan with some water and a sprinkling of sugar. I boiled them for a while, then added a splash of brandy. Boiled some more until it got thickened up a little, then added a little almond extract. It turned out to be a great topping for the french toast. I think it would be really good on pancakes too. (Okay, when I typed "pancakes" my stomach started to rumble!)

I've been listening to the soundtrack from the movie Once. I listen to it nearly every day. It seems like I've found so much new music recently that I'm just really loving. It's crazy! I'm still frequently listening to The Water and Emotionalism a lot too. This afternoon, I kicked it super old-school and listened to Licensed to Ill. That album is timeless! I can't believe it's been over 20 years since it was released. Crazy.

Oh, and I must say happy birthday to Hannah. She's two in leap years, 8 in human years and 56 in dog years!


Inarticulate Fumblings said...

Dang. I need a Hannah in my life.

The Dalai Mama said...

IF: Everyone does! She's about the sweetest thing ever, and she cuddles me in bed every single morning.