Saturday, February 9, 2008

Sweet Potato Pecan Pancakes

Last night I decided to make some pancakes for dinner. The kids love them, and I must say that I do too. I wanted to try something different, and realized I had a couple of sweet potatoes that I had meant to make earlier in the week. So, naturally I thought I'd try some sweet potato pancakes. I used this recipe from Alton Brown for the mix, and then kind of adjusted the wet ingredients for the sweet potato cakes. (I made plain pancakes for the kids. They'd never consider trying sweet potato pancakes.) As far as cooking the sweet potatoes, I peeled and chopped them. Then I put them in a pot and boiled them with water, brown sugar and about 1 TBS of Earth Balance. When they were soft, I mashed them.

I must say, the pancakes turned out very well. I added a small handful of toasted, fine-chopped pecans to the batter. I used a dollop of mashed sweet potatoes and a sprinkling of pecans as a garnish, and topped them with maple syrup. They were great, and I'll definitely be making them again.

Okay, so yesterday I listened to Colin's new album, The Water, six or so times. It is IN-SANE. It's crazy. I haven't fallen this hard for an album for a long, long time. (And y'all know how bad I had it for Beirut a couple months back!) Just so you know what level this is on, I'll throw out a couple of albums that have had a similar effect on me: Radiohead's OK Computer (Yes, seriously), Jeff Buckley's Grace, and Joseph Arthur's Big City Secrets. I loved Colin's last album, This is Hope, but I have to say that The Water is on a completely different level. He MUST tour the US soon. I'm really going to be talking this album up on here, so get used to it! Now, I want you all to head over to his myspace page and listen to Future Gods and Past Kings and Stalker.

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