Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Lots of Fresh Veggies, A Green Pizza, and A Bit of Advice

I've been cooking a lot, but not posting everything. I've found that with our fresh CSA veggies, I kind of like keeping it simple to enjoy the fresh flavors. I usually steam or saute the veggies and season with garlic, salt and pepper. It's perfect. It's easy too. I'll give just a few highlights from the last week...

A while back, I made the black beans with chipotle sauce from V-con. We loved them, and I swore they'd become a regular on the menu. I finally just got around to making them again. They are so tasty and super-easy. I made Mexican millet (also from V-con) to go with them. I also steamed some kale, then tossed it with caramelized onion.

I also made a bean stir-fry one night using a couple of different varieties of beans. Yellow wax-beans and purple beans (unfortunately, they turn green when cooked). I made a light sauce for them using shoyu, brown sugar, a bit of Thai chili paste and a splash of water. I also steamed some chard and made a dressing of red wine vinegar, sugar and a couple of drops of liquid smoke. I thinly sliced some potatoes, blanched them, then fried them up with a chopped green pepper. OMG. They were so good! Let's see...I also made some baked chili-lime tofu that evening.

Tonight I made possibly the best pizza I've ever made before. It was a green pizza. I made the usual dough, of course, from VWaV. I topped it with pesto which I made from a bunch of fresh basil, some toasted pine-nuts, salt, a couple cloves of garlic, and a decent amount of olive oil. On top of the pesto, I added some zucchini slices which I had lightly pan-fried to soften them up. Also some onions which I also sauteed before using. Holy smokes. It was just off the hook. I'll probably make it every single week that we get CSA basil. It's seriously that good. Oh, and I'm totally convinced that pesto absolutely does not need parmesan cheese to be tasty.

Okay, now for that bit of advice I promised in the title...Never, ever, ever clean out the end of your immersion blender with your finger while the damn thing is plugged in. I did it while making the pesto, and somehow turned it on with my other hand. Of course, it sliced into my finger and then my finger was stuck between the blade and the inside of the mixer part for about 10 seconds before I managed to wiggle it out. It cut the f*#k out of my finger. Not very deep, but one of those "skin-flap" cuts. I've got a gash that's about an inch long, and I think it would lift up at least a half an inch of skin. I immediately ran it under water and applied forceful pressure until Sleek could get home with some bandaids. It's freaking sore. Really freaking sore. So, I'll never clean out my hand blender with my finger again. Maybe not even if it's unplugged.

Oh, and I made another batch of granola. This time I used hazelnuts and dried blueberries. It's the best yet!


carrie said...

Ouch DM, your damn lucky it didn't slice the tip of your finger off girl!!

That pizza sounds awesome, I so miss pesto. But it's just not pesto without some kind of nut!!

We've been eating from the CSA a lot too, and like you I haven't been posting because it's really just veggies, I don't do much else too them.

Chessa said...

OMG OW OW OW! Did I mention OW!? Yikes, hope that finger heals quickly.

That pizza sounds awesome, I'm going to have to try that combo.

The Dalai Mama said...

Carrie: I can't imagine a world without pesto. That's hardcore.

Chessa: You must try the pizza. The best part was the crust where the oil from the pesto had dripped over it and made it so crispy and tasty.

The finger is still throbbing. I've been taking Tylenol every six or so hours, and it does help. For the record, I take Tylenol maybe once or twice a year. So, I know I'm experiencing some pain if I'm taking it that much. LOL I'm also keeping a bandaid tightly wrapped around it at all times. If that flap lifted up, well, I'd probably faint. As it is, I feel slightly nauseous if I even THINK about my immersion blender! Crazy.

rebecca said...

OW! OwOwowoOWowowowOWOWwowow!!!! I'm glad you're OK! Funny, just thinking about that makes my finger throb, too. I use my immersion blender like crazy so I'm really surprised I haven't done the same.

That being said, the green pizza looks delish! I have a ton of fresh basil growing, and three zucchini that need to be used up pronto! I might just have to make something like that for lunch! (Today, we're attempting the one-day potty training deal, so I have a feeling we're not going anywhere for a while.)